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How to Use Facebook Apps to Their Full Potential

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Facebook is one of the most visited websites on the internet. In fact, in terms of visitors each day, Facebook is second only to Google. This social media site has quickly changed the way a lot of people go about their day and for some, posting has taken over calling someone. If you’re not using Facebook apps to their full potential, you’re probably missing out on something that can make your experience even better.  


With almost 20 million visitors a day, Facebook is one of the largest advertising mediums available today as well. Companies are spending millions to try to harness the power of Facebook apps to draw in potential customers. You’ll find Facebook apps for everything from games to marketing tools. For most of the gaming apps, you’ll need a Flash developer, as no one wants to download a large software program anymore. In fact, most of the Flash developer apps for Facebook are becoming just as fast as a regular chatting.


If you’re entering into the social media marketing arena, there are several apps that can help. Some will help you design fantastic and exciting fan pages, while others can help you easily set up promotions, contests, and fan polls. These are a great way to keep your fans interested in what your company has to say and to sell. A flash developer can design a game that your fans can play, such as a multiplayer flash poker game. Poker is still one of the most popular games on the internet and with the right flash developer you get to keep your fans on your page even when they are away from their computer. These Facebook apps are designed to work on cell phones, iPods, and iPads, too. It keeps your fans in touch with your company no matter where they are.


When you start your search for a flash developer, you may want to ask your friends, family members, and business associates if they have any recommendations. Word of mouth advertising is very effective and most companies will agree it’s the best promotion they can get. It’s also one reason why the “like” button on Facebook is so popular! Some of the most popular poker games, such as Zynga, Glamble, Gambino, Perfect Poker, Grand Poker, and 6 Wave Poker were all developed by eChannel Networks. This is one company that is definitely worth a look.


Before you have a flash developer start any app for you, make sure everything is spelled out in a contract. This protects both you and the flash game developer should there be any problems in the future. In addition, the fees for any upgrades, patches, or bug fixes should also be included. An app is only useful if it works correctly!


In closing, if you’re considering add custom Facebook apps to your fan page, you should definitely hire the best developer you can find. Spending a bit more initially will usually mean you’ll end up with a better app in the end. There are also thousands of free apps available, so you may want to find one similar to the one you want designed to see if it garners the interest you think it should. This could save the cost of having a new app developed that doesn’t seem to popular.

eChannel Network provides you with the custom flash developer you need to get the exciting facebook apps that will draw fans to your fan page. Innovative, original, and exciting, these apps are what your fans want! 

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Achieving A full Recovery in an Addiction Treatment Facility

An addiction treatment program is the best way to help someone with an addiction problem, whether to drugs or alcohol, achieve a full recovery and avoid relapse in the future. These facilities are designed to assist people suffering with all types of addictions recover physically and deal with the underlying emotional problems that led to the addiction in the first place. An addiction treatment center also teaches patients helpful coping methods so that they can avoid a recurring problem once they have successfully completed the program. All these aspects of rehab are necessary to recover and stay sober permanently.

Addiction treatment is available across the country at many different drug rehab centers. But before you rush to sign up a loved one for a program, keep in mind that an addict is likely to resist – sometimes even violently. Many addicts don’t believe they have a problem or need help, and won’t seek out medical assistance without some encouragement. It is often the responsibility of an addict’s friends and family to step in and get him the help he so desperately needs. It can be difficult to convince someone to enter a rehab program, but it can be done. This is usually the goal of an intervention, which can be an effective way to force the issue of rehab and get someone to commit to treatment.

Some rehab facilities are equipped to deal with a whole host of problems, while others are set up to deal specifically with one problem, such as alcoholism. An alcohol addiction treatment center teaches alcoholics the skills they need to understand the motivations behind their tendency to abuse alcohol, as well as train them to refocus their energy and thoughts on more positive notions – in essence, how to choose sobriety over addiction.

Even when a facility focuses on one addiction problem, such as alcoholism, various addiction treatments may be put to use, depending on the center and its philosophies. For instance, some facilities are influenced by alternative medicine. They will often incorporate ancient techniques, such as yoga and meditation, into the therapy alongside more modern treatment methods. Other facilities may offer a spiritual or Christian approach, while some may stick to more traditional therapeutic styles.

The addiction treatment center you choose will ultimately depend on your own beliefs and what you think will work best in your situation. Budget may also be a factor in the decision-making process, as some facilities are considered more “high-end” and charge more for extra amenities, private rooms, or an exclusive location and setting. In the end, all that really matters is the quality of the rehabiliation methods and the experience of the staff.

Addiction treatment for drug addiction will be different than that provided for alcoholism, although there are similarities between the two programs, as drug addiction and an addiction to alcohol can be interlinked. In addition, many people suffer from both ills – alcoholism and drug addiction. This is referred to as dual diagnosis, and may require specialized treatment to deal with the complexities of each addiction and how they interact.

Addiction treatments are necessary because it is almost impossible for an addict to recover without professional assistance. An addiction has a physical component, which needs to be addressed during the detoxification process, but it also has emotional, psychological, and mental components that go much deeper than the physical addiction. Addicts aren’t lazy or weak – they simply have a disease that requires treatment.

It will be easier to find an addiction treatment center by using the web to conduct research on what’s available in your area. The simplest and quickest way to do this is to use a site like Treatment-Centers.net. The website provides instant information for locating the highest quality treatment facilities in any given area. Just use the search function on the site to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Ambient Music and Religious Music in Full Circle

Edgard Vargese aptly defined music as an art form of organized sounds seeking to express feelings as well emotions in melodic moods. He was right. As a cultural phenomenon music accentuates emotions and unites people.

Among the niche segments of music ambient music stands out for its rapid growth and changes. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Brian Eno, The Yellow Magic Orchestra and Tangerine Dream ambient music’s thrust was natural noises such as bird song, whale speech and other aquatic sounds.

Ambient music metamorphosed when rave culture made a boom in the late 1980s. While the main dance floors of most raves and clubs played acid house the ‘chill-out rooms’ of clubs gave ambient music the space to spread out its lively presence.

Super Hit records of this period included KLF’s Chill Out (1988), The Orb’s A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain that Rules From the Centre of the Ultraworld (1989) and an untitled album by Space as a collaboration between The KLF’s Jimmy Cauty and The Orb’s Alex Patterson.

Charges that certain shades of ambient music of that era had roots in the drug culture did not stick despite Orb’s tell tale cover sleeve claiming ‘ambient house for the E generation’.  In the early 1990s ambient music’s popularity even crossed the horizons of rave culture, despite core audience remaining with the fans of dance music.

The soothing sounds of The KLF (symbolized by the photograph of sheep on the cover of Chill Out) became a rage and many ambient musicians tried to record music as in Chill Out sans any beat. This led to criticism that ambient music had gone ‘new age’ and green issues are its new staple diet.

Changes happened. Some artists were daring to reject the soporific nature of early ambient music in favor of abstract electronic sounds. In the Aphex Twins’ Selected Ambient Works Volume Two (1994), they shunned the serenity of previous ambient music in favor of a minimal electronic darkness

The Future Sound of London was a case in point. While their first single ‘Papua New Guinea’ (1992) contained natural sounds combined with a house beat, their second single ‘Cascade’ (1993) was a more dreamy atmospheric sound, while their second album ISDN (1995) was altogether disturbing.

Christian Religious Music too evolved fast. As a genre in the spiritual music, the 1960s saw Christian music invoking images of church, hymnals and organs. Traditional was its ways.

Not anymore. Pipe organs have been replaced by electric guitars and drums. Hymnals have been replaced by hard hitting lyrics that speak of today and a God that is fully in control of our times. Christian music has expanded to include a vast array of styles. Rock, metal, rap, country, gospel, urban gospel, easy listening, and pop are all covered regardless of your taste in music style.

The “Jesus Movement” of the 1970’s was the catalyst in changing Christian music into an industry itself. The contributions of pioneers like Larry Norman; Marsha Stevens: Nancy Honey tree and Chuck Girard molded it further.   

The 1990’s saw the dawning of an even broader scope of Christian music. Rock, rap, metal, urban gospel, contemporary country and pop presented themselves in a big way. The industry, previously promoted by smaller, independent labels, stepped into the big time as larger, secular labels bought out many Indies.

People want to feel that God is here and now. So Christian religious music too changed its face to resemble as a new weapon in God’s arsenal that can assuage the aggrieved most effectively.

Andre Renaud is a journalist, Billboard and VH1 award winning musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and music teacher to thousands, through school boards and privately. Online music instrument store connects its visitors to every ambient music and unlimited music download for your Musical Needs, dream or desire!