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The Essential Guide to Design a Better Mobile App

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The challenge to build a better app and how to market it effectively

In spite of the abundance of apps in the market that are available for the mobile platform, and most of them rather mediocre or plain boring, it is possible to build an app that really stands out in the crowd. Marketing apps pose a challenge to many developers. Unless an app is featured among the top 20 apps in its category, the chances of people discovering it are thin. A good solution is to place mobile ads within other apps and on websites catering to the mobile community.

In the Android Market, apps are not pre-approved to be made available for downloading unlike Apple’s App Store. The problem is, with the absence of an approval system in the open environment of the Android market, countless poor quality apps have entered the foray. In fact, the Android market is overflowing with badly built apps that crash too often, or don’t install properly, or simply lead to a bad customer/reader experience.

The secret of building a better app

As every experienced mobile app developer worth his salt will tell you, every app needs to have a reason for using it. Also, a better mobile app design is one that makes smart use of built-in features within the handset such as the compass and GPS. Other important factors to consider are the ease of use (and installation), the attractiveness of the interface, and most significantly, the real usefulness of the app. So, here are some tips for how to build a better app that will be noticed, along with some points that you should avoid.


Make smart use of in-built device capabilities such as compass, calendar, etc.
Your marketing endeavors should stress the advantages of using your app over other kinds of editions (such as on the Web or in print)
Use social media to spread the word around
Add links to your app in other digital platforms
Test thoroughly before releasing it in the market. Be sure that your app will generate a good user experience


Don’t build an app that is similar to an existing one
Don’t build functions that cause users to leave your app. Instead, weave them into the app itself
Don’t build an app that takes too long to download and install
Don’t forget to have some kind of a feedback system to know how your users feel about your app
Don’t forget to take into account the profile and demographics of your users while building the app

When there is a huge download rate as big as 15 billions downloads, there are only 20% of the app that come from big brands, and only  1% of them has been downloaded more than a million times. So, it is the time we need to re-think about mobile app development sector.

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