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Android Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

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To go of purchases is the pure happiness or or the torture based on a who asks to him. Independent of the fact that the ends of the phantom that is, applications of Android will help him to save money and it will allow him to become a more efficient buyer. The pure power and the functionality of these applications of Android almost one totally new experience can really make the purchase.

Handcent SMS – You want to send messages SMS and MMS through its telephone with Android? Not what I am asking? Simpler: it makes the text? If it does, which you need for SMS Handcent for Android. Basically, it takes the telephone at totally new level and the dimension from the text messages.

OpenTable – This is an excellent gratuitous application for Android life style if you like to leave to have dinner and to try new places. OpenTable can help to find the best restaurants near you. It can use the application of reservations and even see the menu of the restaurant

Appointment Pro – To obtain the quotes most recent actions and the news, whereas to be able to obtain very detailed data on the actions that interest to him (or those that it owns). This gratuitous application useful Android also allows you to create and pursuit of its portfolio (s).

Live F1 RACING – Are you a fanatic of Formula 1? I will say to you what, honestly, I am not very fanatical, but that does not mean that this application does not enchant to me. This gratuitous application for Android sport provides something more than live updates for all the races of F1 anywhere in the world.

Dolphin Browser – iPhone can have the property of Safari, but the androids have the dolphins navigating. This Android application does that easier and much more funny movable navigation, with the sujetador of zoom lens, the commandos of gestures, navigation by eyelashes, markers of arrangement and much more.

Nimbuzz for Android – Nimbuzz is a gratuitous client of instantaneous mail, that in line allows chat with our friendly of Google Talk, Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Facebook, AIM, Myspace and many more.

client torrent for Android: Transdroid applications allow to easily administer and torrents him on their Android telephones. Also it can unload torrents of remote form. Torrents is popular between people to unload the last songs, music, applications, etc AppBrain incorporates social elements to help to find selections him. You can share his favorites in Facebook and Twitter. Also he allows to know him what applications have lowered of price recently. Tools of third parties can be very useful when you are going to gather equipment applications of Android.

WordPress – This it is firmly in the section of the productivity. I have a series of blogs of WordPress, and this excellent application that allows me to update my directly blog, and to add blogs and pages, commentaries to verify and to see all statistics of visitors, all seated in the train. It allows to manifolds blogs, and it is easy to change among them.

Soundhound – This incredible Android application uses a powerful algorithm to associate the sounds caught by the microphone of its intelligent telephone with an exhaustive data base of the songs. This means that you can identify the majority of the songs of game of any equipment of music with Soundhound.

Twitter for Android – Twitter is a service in line very popular. This social means Web site is very wanted by its short updates of state called ” tweets”. These brief and updates of last moment-transmitting information of a simple and fast way. Like result, the propietary application of Twitter for Android is one of most popular. Many people use this application every day to stay in contact with their friendly of Twitter.

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