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Meditation Breathing Tips

There is more to Meditation breathing than just taking long, deep breaths although that is a good place to start.  Once you are meditating on a more regular basis and you want to start achieving deeper levels of meditation and relaxation you will need to try using different breathing techniques to help you reach those goals.  Here are some easy meditation breathing exercises that are commonly taught to people who are just starting to meditate.  If you have any trouble with some of the more advanced breathing techniques later on down the road you can always come back to these basic breathing techniques.

Long Deep Breathing – Long deep breathing is essentially what you’re already doing; it’s just doing it in a more focused way.  Long deep breathing is when you use your diaphragm to breathe in, hold a breath for several seconds, and then blow it out.  This type of breathing is excellent for reducing tension or calming you down when you’re angry or upset.

Breath of Fire – The Breath of Fire technique is a breathing method used primarily in Kundalini meditation.  Breath of Fire is performed by pulling in oxygen through your nose then pumping it out of your body rhythmically without tensing your chest, rib cage or abdominal muscles. The Breath of Fire, when done correctly, has the same action that a bellows that is used to start a fire has.  It’s usually the second type of meditation breathing exercise that people learn.

It is important to must some breathing techniques so that you can have effective meditation sessions.

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