Wedding Goddess: A Divine Guide To Transforming Wedding Stress to Wedding Bliss By Laurie Sue Brockway

(PRWEB) February 20, 2005

Today’s weddings have become so commercially-driven and so stressful to plan that couples sometimes forget about the sacred nature of getting married. In fact, for many modern brides-to-be, planning a wedding is more like going into battle. Rather than experiencing it as “the happiest time” in her life, she feels like she is managing a crisis. Laurie Sue Brockway, top wedding officiant and nationally recognized expert in women’s empowerment, shows brides how to transcend the emotional frenzy of wedding planning stress and take charge of the most sacred time of their lives in her new book, Wedding Goddess: A Divine Guide To Transforming Wedding Stress to Wedding Bliss (Perigee Trade Paperback Original; May 2005; $ 16.95).

In Wedding Goddess, Brockway – who was engaged and married during the writing of the book – guides brides-to-be on an emotionally and spiritually empowering, step-by-step journey to the altar. Her unique approach suggests ways to treat every step of the experience – from engagement and bridal shower, to getting your license and signing it on your wedding day– as its own rite of passage. It shows not just how to be a goddess on the big day, but how to make the entire journey special and sacred.

Who is a Wedding Goddess? She’s a bride who has an awareness of the “realities,” stresses, disappointments and disasters of wedding planning, and yet can hold on to and nurture her vision of how she wants it all to be. She understands that she is bound to hit some bumps along the way, and that the best way to conquer the problems before they begin is to plan for them as a Goddess would. In fact, each of the 21 chapters begins with the wisdom of an ancient Goddess, who offers the bride inspiration for the journey, such as views on self-care and beauty, as inspired by Venus, the Roman Goddess of love and beauty

An inspirational “Wedding Goddess Rule” as well as “Wedding Goddess Vow” appears in each chapter, along with musings from brides who have been there and the expert advice of dozens of today’s top wedding experts. Culling also from the world’s many spiritual traditions, and blending in her own experience in helping hundreds of brides to the altar each year, Brockway offers her unique insights to help brides:

-Visualize, imagine, dream, write and pray your dream wedding into reality.

-Take charge of the experience so that your big day goes your way.

-Stay centered in the face of inevitable wedding drama and family issues and create proper boundaries.

-Bring out and enhance feelings of confidence and self-esteem to feel fabulous, calm, confident, and divine on the days leading up to and on the wedding day – so you walk down the aisle like a Goddess.

-Find inspiration, creativity and self-expression on your personal path to the altar that gives you permission to create a wedding that is a unique celebration of your love.

-Give your marriage the best start with special prayers, blessings and ceremonies.

-Insure there are plenty of loving, feel-good moments with your groom that empower you both to remember why you are getting married.

“From the moment you embark on your wedding journey it is important that you realize you are magical and blessed,” says Brockway. “And it is just as important that you treat yourself not just royally, but divinely, like a Goddess. Adopt a mindset and create a lifestyle that is nurturing, healing and relaxing. Get on the Wedding Goddess track and forge ahead with wedding planning with a sense of joy, fun, inspiration and grace. “

Page after page of Wedding Goddess is rich with insight, advice and many practical and spiritual hints on how to rise to the occasion like a Goddess. Brockway treats the planning of the wedding as a growing experience and incorporates exercises, blessings, rituals, meditation, music, healing techniques, creativity, spirituality and playfulness into the experience.

The book is photo illustrated by Arlene Sandler of, New York’s top wedding photographer specializing in non-traditional, documentary-like photos that capture the moods and moments of the wedding day.

For every bride-to-be who wants to arrive at her wedding day as the Goddess she truly is, Wedding Goddess is required reading.

About the Author:

Laurie Sue Brockway, an interfaith minister and wedding officiant, is a widely recognized expert on women’s self-esteem and spirituality. She has a busy wedding ministry in New York and has helped revolutionize the wedding experience for both brides and grooms. She was named “Best Wedding Ceremony Provider” by The New York Press. She is creator of The Wedding Goddess ™ Workshop. She also manages and co-facilitates The Bridal Survival Club ™ in New York City. She is the author of many books, including A Goddess is a Girl’s Best Friend: A Divine Guide To Finding Love, Success and Happiness. She writes a syndicated column, For The Goddess In You, and has written articles for the NY Daily News, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Ladies Home Journal, Women’s World, and other publications. A newlywed herself, she lives in NewYork with her new husband and her son. Her website is

Wedding Goddess: A Divine Guide to Transforming Wedding Stress to Wedding Bliss

By Laurie Sue Brockway

Perigee Trade Paperback Original; May 2005; $ 16.95

ISBN: 0-399-53099-1


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Consult Your Inner Psychic: How to Use Intuitive Guidance to Make Your Life Work Better, by Carole Lynne

Boston, MA (PRWEB) August 21, 2005

In Consult Your Inner Psychic (Weiser Books, September 2005), Carole Lynne provides a toolkit for tapping into that inner wisdom and soaring to a far better life – right now. Learn to unlock your own psychic powers with Lynne’s trademark Psychic Intuitive Guidance Process, which includes the compelling Twelve Energies, Four States of Being, and 48 Messages.

This remarkable book with companion CD offers two unique paths for learning the process: the Quick Start Approach, which will get you accessing your intuitive powers right away, and the Slow and Steady Approach, which helps you develop a deep wisdom that leads you to the ultimate goal of becoming your own psychic.

“How often have you said, ‘You know, I saw that coming’? Hindsight can be devastating. Especially when you look back at a situation and wish you had handled it in a different way. Mysteriously, a part of your consciousness knew exactly what you needed to do, and yet you did something else. And as you look back you say, ‘You know, I saw that coming, but I did not listen. I had a gut feeling and I did not follow it. I had a hunch and decided my feelings were silly. If only I had paid attention to my gut reaction.’ This is your story, and this is my story. If we can learn to listen to our psychic intuitive guidance, our lives can be totally transformed.” ~ Carole Lynne

Regardless of which path you choose, Lynne’s message is powerful – through her easy-to-learn, easy-to-understand, enjoyable process you will discover that you are your own best psychic.

For more title information, visit:

Carole Lynne is a psychic medium, author, musician, and motivational speaker. She is the author of Heart and Sound and How to Get a Good Reading from a Psychic Medium and the founder of Singing for the Soul, a spiritual approach to singing, and Quality Performance Coaching for performers and public speakers.

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