Hand drawn qr code

Where does a hand drawn QR code take you? Try it!

Hand drawn qr code
Hand drawn qr code

Try it. What I found was definitely not what I was expecting.

I was wondering ‘how could I practice drawing QR codes’, as sometimes I have to scribble one out quickly and I was getting sick of drawing a box with three little boxes in it.

So I grabbed a pencil and scribbled this one down slowly. Then I thought hey I should ask some friends to try drawing one themselves over a beer and smoke one night.

But then it occurred to me that it should contain data, but would it scan?

I showed the mysterious pencil drawn QR code on facebook. I’ll let you know here, what happens next. Soon.

Please have a listen to some music before you hit the back button 🙂

So can you please draw your own and send me some pictures?

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Thank you and Happy New Year. Can’t wait to catch up soon.

Geoff Williams.