Rhythmic Music for relaxation

Rhythm is considered to be very good when it comes to relaxation of the whole body and it can be utilized in an effective way if you are aware of the methods rare methods involved in hearing rhythmic music. Music can be considered as one of the best and ideally perfect ways available these days to relax yourself. People going through various complicated phases of life should be aware of music and its benefits. If you are willing to diminish your stress as well in order to bring their life to balanced level need to ensure that they are aware of the benefits of music. There are various benefits which can be attained with ease through music. Human body has its own rhythms and these can be ideally perfect when they are brought back to equilibrium with the help of music.

 If you are interested in enhancing your inner power then music can be good for this special purpose as well and it has the ability to give desired results too. Electrochemical activity of the brain of humans can also be altered with ease if there is a consistency of rhythms based on music. There are various other benefits as well which can be attained with ease if you are going to utilize music for relaxation. This can be really good if you are unable to find good level of relaxation in your life and you are trying to find it though you are unable to do it due to various aspects and reasons.

The rhythms based on music can alter the level of your mind in such a way that it will be improvising in a unique way. There are many people all around the globe who are not aware of this amazing fact that music is used for proper relaxation and mind can surely be relaxed with excellence through music for relaxation.

There is a very special state of your mind which will let your mind relax and it will surely help you to get out of Beta state mind and get into a very special state of your mind which is called as the Alpha Brainwave state.

 This particular state of the mind can easily help an individual to diminish the level of higher frequency of mind and make it perfect to a good balance which is through the Alpha frequency of the mind. Both right and the left brain are involved in the hearing of any music which is utilized for relaxation perspectives. The music to relax will let both left and right brain enjoy the music and at the same time you will be much happier as well. The concept of music to relax is relatively newer these days though it has been proven scientifically and there is just no need to worry about anything once you are going to get music to relax with proper knowledge and generalized perception as well.   

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Utilize music to relax

If you are aware of the music then you might have some idea about rhythm. It is a major component of music and this can be considered as very good when it is linked with the body of a person. Music rhythm can let you get good benefits with ease if it is linked with your body and your body. It surely has the capability to influence your body and get your body back in a very good state which can be perfect when it comes to get relaxation. Stress, anxiety and tensions can be a part of your life and if they are not reduced then there might be some serious kinds of negative impacts for you which should be there in the back of your mind.

Relaxation is vital and crucial when it comes to stabilize your life to a certain extent. There will be just no issues for you in your life when you are going to stabilize it with the help of music as you can surely utilize music to relax. All you have to do is to start learning about this special aspect and know how to relax with music and how music rhythms can be great for you. The human body can give a proper response to the rhythm and act accordingly as well which can be considered as beneficial when it comes to get relaxation with music thus you will be able to know how to relax with music.

 If the activity of your brain is slowing down then this can be the best part when getting relaxation because higher brain activity doesn’t allow you to relax. You really have to ensure that you are not going to get yourself stuck in such a problem which will increase the overall activity of your brain. It should be reduced and needs to be moved from the Beta state of your mind to the slower and much better mind state which is known as the Alpha Brain wave state of the mind.

If you know how you can get into such state then you can easily get hold of your entire body and there will be no troubles for you regarding relaxation.

There will be much better level of your brain activity and perfect rhythms will surely relax you a lot. There is a special kind of a frequency which is required to your Brain and if you are able to get it then this will surely assist you to get topper level of relaxation. There is rare frequency which is known as the Alpha frequency which can surely be good but the major trouble with it is its inconsistency. Therefore, one should look for a method or way which will be good for the consistency of this frequency. A special Alpha Sound is available for this particular purpose so that things can be kept under your complete hold and in perfect working perspectives.

Listen to  relaxation music and know how you can get amazingly superb benefits from it on regular basis.



Spirituality and Addiction Recovery

Spirituality and addiction recovery can be an emotional topic in some circles. Part of the dictionary definition for spiritual is insubstantial. There was a time in my life when I would have agreed with that part of the definition. Someone would say the word spirituality and I would hear God.

Since my concept of God was distorted I had no use for spirituality. When I first attended 12 step meetings almost thirty years ago members spoke of the spiritual part of the fellowship; which led me to believe there was a separate part that dealt with all thing spiritual. Well that was fine with me; I had enough to do staying totally abstinent. Anyone that stays in recovery can tell you, your thinking starts to change.

You become more accepting of ideas that just months earlier you would have argued against. Spirituality came to be the quality of the relationships that were important to me. It was a few years still before I understood I was a spiritual being and would grow in a spiritually positive of negative direction. When the positive growth outweighed the negative I was able to accept God as my higher power.

Years earlier when I attended a drug rehab center I fought robustly against esoterically flavored concepts. Today I accept that inside of me there exists a spiritual life. This life, once awakened overwhelms life itself and overtakes what life had been. This awareness is not so much something we possess but a quality of our being that defies explanation. It is with this truth that I move forward in my recovery. When I stumble I have only to look with-in, not to myself but that which exists in my being.

Dan C’s career in the addiction field spans twenty-five years. He has held positions in all phases of administration and clinical services in Treatment Facilities throughout the state of Florida. He is currently employed by http://www.recoveryconnection.org


How Addiction Recovery Works

Addiction recovery begins with someone who is addicted to a certain substance, such as alcohol, recognizing the fact that they are addicted and then seeking help through alcohol rehabs. This is the first and very crucial step towards treating someone with an addiction and should be taken by the person who is in the throes of the addiction. No one can stop another person from drinking or getting serious about addiction recovery. Generally speaking, a person usually hits rock bottom before they seek out alcohol rehabs and get the help that they need.

Alcohol rehabs work first to eliminate the need for the body for alcohol. Because alcohol is a drug that not only creates a psychological dependency but also a physical dependency, the physical dependency must first be conquered in order for the addiction recovery to get started. Alcohol rehabs usually concentrate first on ridding the body from the physical dependency on alcohol so that the addiction recovery can then take place. This is only one step towards successful addiction recovery. After the physical dependency is gone from the body, the person must then concentrate on the psychological components that made them addicted to alcohol in the first place.

There can be a host of psychological components that cause someone to be addicted to any type of drug. These stem from problems that a person may have in childhood as well as adulthood that they numb by using certain substances, such as alcohol. Addiction recovery, in order to be successful, must address these problems so that the addict can get the monkey off their back and begin to lead a life that is free from addiction.

If a person is committed to addiction recovery, their prognosis for a full recovery is excellent. Not only are there alcohol rehabs out there to help them get rid of the physical dependency on alcohol, but these same alcohol rehabs will also give them the tools that they need to re learn their behavior patterns so that they do not fall into the same trap in the future. Most people who want to seek help when it comes to addiction recovery will get the help that they need through the tools that are offered at alcohol rehabs. These tools include both emotional support as well as learning tips that cn help them avoid drinking in the future.

Those who are serious about addiction recovery and want to live lives that are sober can get the help that they need at alcohol rehabs. Although loved ones can encourage alcohol rehabs as a form of addiction recovery to the addict, it is ultimately down to the person who is addicted to alcohol or any other substance to eventually help themselves. They can do this with the support that they receive at alcohol rehabs as well as learn from their past behavior. Addiction recovery is a process that can take a long period of time and in which a person is always learning, but can prove to be very successful once someone is committed to seeking help for their addiction.

Those who are serious about Addiction Recovery can get the help they need through rehab that will rid them of the physical dependency as well as get them started combating the emotional dependency as well. Those who want to help themselves with Alcohol Rehabs can do so when they go to Recovery Now TV.


Addiction Recovery Therapy

Addiction is an incurable disease that can be treated and managed successfully. With the help of qualified addiction recovery therapists and effective addiction counselling, addicts can live positive and enriched lives, devoid of substance abuse and relapse.

Addiction is a manifestation of severe underlying emotional issues and therapy sessions directed by professional addiction recovery therapists provide a safe environment to confront these issues and work through them.

Importance of therapy

Addiction recovery therapy is a critical element of treatment because addictive behaviours are symptoms of underlying problems. Simply ceasing addictive behaviour, while an important part of recovery, does not address the root causes of that behaviour.

While the fundamental nature of addiction treatment will remain the same, different individuals may require regimens that emphasise different approaches. Intensive one-to-one counselling and support group therapy assists addicts in the emotional phases of addiction recovery therapy.

An experienced addiction recovery therapist can assess individuals and determine a recommendation of individual or group therapy sessions, or a combination of both.

Individual therapy

Addicts need to learn how to cope with their feelings of fear and anger, as well as other feelings and emotions that they might have difficulty processing in order to express them healthily.

Focused individual therapy provides a safe and confidential setting, where addicts can divulge their problems and deal with their troubled pasts and core issues. This holistic approach to reaching the root of the addiction is instrumental in helping addicts understand their dependencies and avoid relapses.

Group therapy

Support group therapy provides an interactive platform for sharing experiences, and members can relate to the challenges and worries of fellow addicts. Support and hope emerges from friendships created at these meetings and addicts feel less alone and isolated in their struggle for recovery.

This environment of mutual support is in itself a source of encouragement and helps addicts in better managing their emotions and improving self-awareness. Receiving support from peers as well as giving that support back are some of the ways that group therapy empowers addicts to overcome addiction and step back into society.

Family therapy

Family counselling is an important aspect of effective addiction recovery therapy. Family members are able to provide more information about an addict’s dependency and lifestyle, allowing trained addiction recovery therapists to apply this insight to the addiction recovery process.

This also allows family members of the addict a chance to heal as they undergo counselling that mends relationships and re-instils the trust within families. With the help of qualified addiction counsellors, family members can be equipped with valuable knowledge to aid them in continuing to help their addicted relatives when they leave the rehabilitation centre.

While working through the difficult issues at the heart of addiction, addicts should be reassured that they are not alone, and that they have the support of their family, counsellors and peers.

By combining professional addiction counselling and treatment, in an environment of love, trust and understanding, addicts are able to learn the tools they need in the pursuit of abstinence and recovery.

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Meditation – Basic Practice

There is a joke in Buddhist circles: “Don’t just dosomething, sit there.”

What is Meditation?

Meditation is how we train in continuous awareness. It is also how we train in letting go. Meditating might not appear to be very exciting or productive, but try it and give inner peace a chance.

Meditation is a truly transformative spiritual exercise. Beginning meditators do not always connect the simplicity of what they are doing to the essence of the spiritual search, but it is all there to be discovered by those who try it. The Dzogchen teachings of Tibet say one moment of total awareness is one moment of perfect freedom and enlightenment. You do not need to seek elsewhere; it is all within.

The Practice:

Begin your meditation practice in a place that is quiet and free of distraction. Sit comfortably with your back erect. Stay alert and yet relaxed and at ease. This begins the training in mindfulness, or in cultivating heightened consciousness and awareness.

Begin breathing in and out through you nostrils.

Mindfully breath in, mindfully breath out.

Let go of the natural flow of energy and breathing, and learn to simply let it be.

Pay close attention to each and every inhalation and exhalation, following the breath – the object of your attention, all the way in and all the way out.

What is the Purpose of Practicing Meditation?

Breath awareness practice may not seem immediately productive, but give it a chance. Some spiritual masters make it their primary practice throughout their entire lives. Mindfulness of breathing is the basic mediation practice, and yet it has the power to reach and enhance all levels of consciousness.

It may appear simple, but even so it works on all levels of the path and it is certainly not just for beginners.

It may not be immediately apparent, but to be totally in the moment, which is what meditation requires, means relinquishing the past, the future, and the dualism that makes a distinction between self and others. This is the essence of letting go.

(Inspired by Lama Surya Das: Letting go of the person you used to be)

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Ambient Music and Religious Music in Full Circle

Edgard Vargese aptly defined music as an art form of organized sounds seeking to express feelings as well emotions in melodic moods. He was right. As a cultural phenomenon music accentuates emotions and unites people.

Among the niche segments of music ambient music stands out for its rapid growth and changes. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Brian Eno, The Yellow Magic Orchestra and Tangerine Dream ambient music’s thrust was natural noises such as bird song, whale speech and other aquatic sounds.

Ambient music metamorphosed when rave culture made a boom in the late 1980s. While the main dance floors of most raves and clubs played acid house the ‘chill-out rooms’ of clubs gave ambient music the space to spread out its lively presence.

Super Hit records of this period included KLF’s Chill Out (1988), The Orb’s A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain that Rules From the Centre of the Ultraworld (1989) and an untitled album by Space as a collaboration between The KLF’s Jimmy Cauty and The Orb’s Alex Patterson.

Charges that certain shades of ambient music of that era had roots in the drug culture did not stick despite Orb’s tell tale cover sleeve claiming ‘ambient house for the E generation’.  In the early 1990s ambient music’s popularity even crossed the horizons of rave culture, despite core audience remaining with the fans of dance music.

The soothing sounds of The KLF (symbolized by the photograph of sheep on the cover of Chill Out) became a rage and many ambient musicians tried to record music as in Chill Out sans any beat. This led to criticism that ambient music had gone ‘new age’ and green issues are its new staple diet.

Changes happened. Some artists were daring to reject the soporific nature of early ambient music in favor of abstract electronic sounds. In the Aphex Twins’ Selected Ambient Works Volume Two (1994), they shunned the serenity of previous ambient music in favor of a minimal electronic darkness

The Future Sound of London was a case in point. While their first single ‘Papua New Guinea’ (1992) contained natural sounds combined with a house beat, their second single ‘Cascade’ (1993) was a more dreamy atmospheric sound, while their second album ISDN (1995) was altogether disturbing.

Christian Religious Music too evolved fast. As a genre in the spiritual music, the 1960s saw Christian music invoking images of church, hymnals and organs. Traditional was its ways.

Not anymore. Pipe organs have been replaced by electric guitars and drums. Hymnals have been replaced by hard hitting lyrics that speak of today and a God that is fully in control of our times. Christian music has expanded to include a vast array of styles. Rock, metal, rap, country, gospel, urban gospel, easy listening, and pop are all covered regardless of your taste in music style.

The “Jesus Movement” of the 1970’s was the catalyst in changing Christian music into an industry itself. The contributions of pioneers like Larry Norman; Marsha Stevens: Nancy Honey tree and Chuck Girard molded it further.   

The 1990’s saw the dawning of an even broader scope of Christian music. Rock, rap, metal, urban gospel, contemporary country and pop presented themselves in a big way. The industry, previously promoted by smaller, independent labels, stepped into the big time as larger, secular labels bought out many Indies.

People want to feel that God is here and now. So Christian religious music too changed its face to resemble as a new weapon in God’s arsenal that can assuage the aggrieved most effectively.

Andre Renaud is a journalist, Billboard and VH1 award winning musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and music teacher to thousands, through school boards and privately. Online music instrument store connects its visitors to every ambient music and unlimited music download for your Musical Needs, dream or desire!


Meditation – The Health Benefits

The Health Benefits of Meditation

The health applications and clinical studies of meditation are products of the field of interest within the medical community to study the physiological effects of meditation.

Meditation concepts have been applied to clinical settings in order to measure effects on somatic motor function as well as cardiovascular and respiratory function. Also the hermeneutic and phenomenological aspects of meditation are areas of growing interest. Meditation has entered the mainstream of health care as a method of stress and pain reduction. For example, in an early study in 1972, Meditation was shown to affect the human metabolism by lowering the biochemical byproducts of stress, such as lactate, decreasing heart rate and blood pressure and inducing favorable brain waves. In 1976, the Australian psychiatrist Ainslie Meares reported the regression of cancer following intensive meditation (published in the Medical Journal of Australia). Meares would go on to write a number of books, including his best-seller Relief Without Drugs.

As a method of stress reduction, meditation has been used in hospitals in cases of chronic or terminal illness to reduce complications associated with increased stress that include depressed immune systems. There is growing agreement in the medical community that mental factors such as stress significantly contribute to a lack of physical health, and there is a growing movement in mainstream science to fund research in this area. Dr. James Austin, a neurophysiologist at the University of Colorado, reported that meditation in Zen rewires the circuitry of the brain in his book Zen and the Brain (Austin, 1999). This has been confirmed using functional MRI imaging, a brain scanning technique that measures blood flow in the brain.

Dr. Herbert Benson of the Mind-Body Medical Institute, which is affiliated with Harvard and several Boston hospitals, reports that meditation induces a host of biochemical and physical changes in the body collectively referred to as the “relaxation response.” The relaxation response includes changes in metabolism, heart rate, respiration, blood pressure and brain chemistry. Benson and his team have also done clinical studies at Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayan Mountains.

Other studies within this field include the research of Jon Kabat-Zinn and his colleagues at the University of Massachusetts who have studied the effects of mindfulness meditation on stress.

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Addiction recovery programmes

Addiction is a serious disease that needs to be treated by professionals. Treatment for addiction differs from many other kinds of treatment in that it often requires a significant mental and emotional effort on the part of the addict in order for treatment to be effective.

Choosing the right addiction recovery programmes is vital both in order to support the patient during treatment, and to increase the likelihood that the addiction treatment will be successful.

Before treatment can commence, addicts need to cease their addictive behaviour.
Successful treatment for addiction must address the underlying emotional and spiritual problems faced by the addict. Without tackling the underlying causes of addiction, treatment will not be successful in the long term.

This is why therapy is recommended for people who want to overcome their addiction. Therapy may take the form of individual or group sessions, or a combination of both.

Group therapy

Group therapy has the advantage of providing addicts with peer support and helping them to understand that they are not alone, and that their problems are not unique. This can be a tremendous source of comfort and emotional strength, which is particularity important during the initial, very difficult, stages of cessation.

While the support gained from a group therapy session is valuable, it is important that these sessions are coordinated trained professionals. Group therapy is not merely a talking shop – it is about confronting difficult emotional problems – so the therapy sessions need to be guided by experienced therapists.

12 Step recovery programme

Some addiction centres incorporate a 12 Step recovery programme into their programme. Not all treatment centres use a 12 Step programme, but there is evidence that including the programme in the treatment regimen leads to a better rate of success.

Following the principles of the 12 Step programme can help patients work through their difficulties and find purpose and motivations.

Experience shows the programme increases the chance of remaining clean and decreases the likelihood of relapse.

Achieving a balanced lifestyle

A good in-patient addiction treatment centre will probably supplement therapy sessions with workshops and lectures. But overcoming addiction is, in no small part, about finding a sense of balance. A holistic addiction recovery programme may also offer activities and excursions that help addicts to lead healthier, more balanced lives. A variety of fun activities can also make the treatment process less arduous.

Centres may offer sports or hikes, and may even include activities like yoga or tai chi. A healthy eating plan is also often considered integral to a holistic treatment programme.
A tranquil, secluded environment can also be beneficial while experiencing treatment. Patients generally value the opportunity to step outside of everyday demands and focus on overcoming their addiction.

This is not because addiction recovery programmes are an escape from everyday life. On the contrary, the purpose of these programmes is to give patients the space and support to deal with their problems so that they can return as productive members of society.

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Enjoy Benefits Of Relaxing Music

Are you feeling tired and want to refresh your mood and relax? Are you getting difficult to calm and concentrate your mind for yoga or meditation? Or even you are facing sleeplessness; all these problems are related to your mind and have solution with us. Music! Music is marvelous solution for all these problems. However, not all types of music can give desired effects. Our expertise musicians have developed many tracks of relaxing music and music for meditation and yoga.

The sleeping disorders and problem for concentration need relaxation of mind. Stress and tension are main reasons for disturbed mental health. Music can take care of these problems. Hearing our relaxation music, you can experience the magic of music. Your all worries and tensions will fly away in few minutes. Relaxing music tracks are developed after study and research to make it more soothing and peaceful.

Our range of meditation music is made to enhance your focus in meditation. If your mind is not concentrating or wandering here and there, you cannot achieve desired effects of meditation. Our meditation music first calms your mind and helps you to make it stable and focused for meditation. This music also creates ambience and atmosphere to make your mind ready for meditation. If you want to achieve high level of meditation, our meditation music definitely helps for it.

 Performing yoga also needs good concentration and ambience.

We have wide range of yoga music tracks helpful while performing yoga. You can create atmosphere for yoga using this music. All these music tracks have different tunes but have useful features of –
Making your mind peaceful and relaxed
Changing your mood and giving feel of refreshed and recharged.
You can use this music for yoga, sleeping problems, relaxing etc.

These music tracks cut you from outside world and unwanted thoughts. You can enhance concentration levels in all these activities. 

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