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Getting started with Software Outsourcing to India !

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Cheap labor available in India has completely transformed the face of global business landscape. No wonder India is a world leader in offshore software development. Huge multitudes of “non-core” activities are outsourced by the U.S. businesses to India for faster turnaround time, reduced overhead costs, access to technical expertise, improved service quality etc.

Cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Noida etc. have carved a niche in offshore IT domain by delivering excellent services to the service seekers worldwide. However if you’re a novice in this field and about to get started with outsourcing, you must have your business objective clear in mind and then formulate the strategy accordingly.

You must have your business plan ready with all the minute details in place inclusive of screenshots, flow charts and diagrams of all components in your software system. It’s wise to pre-estimate the fund requirement for your outsourced software project. Also, you must have a crystal clear idea about the project deadlines and other information related to the project so that you can efficiently pass on your specifications to the offshore software development companies in India.

It’s your own prerogative to get your IT project done by your preferred city and offshore software development company in India. Since a large number of good companies are operating in India, finding the right provider is not a Herculean task. You simply need to browse through the Internet and choose the one that fits your requirements in the best possible manner.

We recommend you to focus more on legal aspects of outsourcing before getting started with outsourcing. A legal agreement needs to be prepared in which you’d put down all the specifications, terms & conditions, deadlines, funds, ownership, data security, trademarks, copyrights, payments etc. Both the parties, service provider & you, have to mutually agree on this agreement.

Also, we advise you to get a Request for Information (RIP) and Request for Proposal (RFP) made before you decide to hire a particular offshore software development company in India, and clearly specify the deliverables of the software project and time lines to be met. Then you must go about setting up an effective communication channel with your provider keeping in mind the language barriers & time zone differences. It could be e-mails, instant chatting, web conferencing, phone calls etc.

Once you’ve everything in place, get ready to reap the benefits of software outsourcing india such as reduced operational costs, opportunities to focus on core business objectives, increased flexibility, improved scalability etc.

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Mobile Application Development Outsourcing

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Mobile Apps can be developed on different types of platforms iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows. The two most popular platforms are Android and iPhone purely because of the market share they command and app development for these phones makes it a preferred platform.

Most mobile app development companies invest in developing or upgrading the skill sets to keep pace with the modifications or upgrades these phones undergo. These factors make outsourcing app development more significant due to the continuous efforts that are required to keep pace with the technological changes.The apps can be developed using API’s provided by respective phone companies which are termed native apps or by using cross-platform frameworks developed by non-phone manufacturing companies. Mobile Application Development Outsourcing is gaining momentum as more businesses look to go mobile thereby giving themselves a competitive advantage. Enterprises are adopting mobile as a way forward and need experts in this space to compete in the market and building that expertise in-house is always a challenge due to the non-core nature of the business. Hence, outsourcing mobile app development will lead to quick turnaround; faster go to market and substantial savings in cost.

Stringent quality check by the app stores makes it more advisable to hire specialists who understand the quality parameters to deploy the apps on these app stores. Applications are required to be thoroughly tested before they are deployed in app stores. Enterprises can outsource the design, development, testing and deployment of apps for various devices like iPhone, Android phones and Windows, thereby saving huge cost of development.

Outsourcing model the companies can adopt could be on fixed price project or on a time and material basis depending upon their requirement. While outsourcing the key factors to be considered is the type of apps the outsourcing company has developed whether they are consumer apps or business apps. Most importantly, the expertise these companies bring in outsourcing, past and present credentials, customer references, and project management and delivery methodology.

A typical mobile app development company would provide services for iPhone Application Development, Android Application Development, Blackberry and Windows Application Development. However, some companies specialize in cross-platform app development to create HTML 5 apps which are compatible with all the Smartphone’s.

Shekhar Murahari is a co-founder of Synergy Technology Services an offshore outsourcing company specializing in bespoke software development.

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Medical Coding – Plus Points of Medical Coding Outsourcing

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Medical coding service is a grand outsourcing field in healthcare industry. Practitioners and hospitals are outsourcing to get various benefits. Professionals are giving more focus and attention to medical coding for easy and quick reimbursement. They are outsourcing to make their clinical staff free from non-core activity and increasing efficiency in clinical task.

Accurate coding is in high demand because insurance companies either government or private only accept the claim if codes are correct. If hospitals or individuals want precise coding, they have to hire professional coder for such. One can also get benefit of all such by outsourcing the task to specialized company.

Clinics and hospitals are utilizing their clinical staff for coding. As a result, they have to suffer from staff inefficiency, low reimbursement and turn-around time. The outsourcing can improve the claim payment turn-around time and the efficiency of clinical staff. The expert at coding company can assign various codes to disease, symptoms and process quickly and effectively.

Through outsourcing medical coding, one can get various advantages:

Huge Cost Benefit: Healthcare provider can save up to 60% of cost by choosing appropriate outsourcing company to complete task. You can directly save the cost of staffing, infrastructure, technologies and stationery. One can also get the solution at cutting rates so you can get double benefit by outsourcing.

Correctness and Trustworthiness: The remote companies have certified or experienced medical coding specialists who manage the accuracy. They are using latest technologies to improve the speed. The outsourcing partners are following HIPAA rules and regulations so there is completely trustworthiness.

Transparency: The medical coding companies do follow the complete transparent method while delivering the output. Most of the reputed companies maintain the transparency. It will help them to gain trust and reliability from the clients.

There are numbers of medical coding companies available in the market to fulfill your requirements. Make sure that you are choosing the one which fits into the criteria. Before outsourcing medical coding requirements to particular company, you must go through whole profiles. You can also ask colleagues for better company. You can also ask for few hours free to check the efficiency of company.

Ray Charles likes to write on medical related topics. He is currently affiliated with Medical Billing-India, a company providing medical billing and medical coding

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