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Declutter and Enjoy the Relaxation That Follows

Does your home feel relaxing? Are you surrounded by the things that you love? Or do you become frustrated trying to find things, looking at the stacks of stuff that never get any smaller. If the latter sounds like your house, why not declutter and begin to enjoy the relaxation that follows. You will be glad you did.

What Exactly is Clutter?

Clutter is the things you do not use any more and it is also the things you no longer love. It’s the “stuff” that makes you think about another time in your life, maybe even a time that was more difficult, maybe not even a happy time. It might be boxes of things from another era. What about those ugly gold lamps you can not seem to part with because you paid so much for them, yet you know you will never ever use them again. It could be bits and pieces of electronics that no longer work. Perhaps it is piles of books, magazines, or even newspapers. Maybe you have a collection of paints that are no longer useable. The list goes on, but by now I am sure you get the idea.

What is the Best Way to Declutter?

Most important, is that you do not become so overwhelmed or frustrated that you simply walk away deciding to attack it at another time. That is not going to help you create a relaxing home. These tips will get you started on the road to a home that is clutter free.

Begin Now – Do not put off what you can start today. The sooner you begin to declutter the sooner you will be able to relax in your home.
Start Small – Do not tackle on the entire house at once. Instead start small. Begin with a dresser, one drawer at a time. Begin with a stack of magazines or books finding a home for the keepers and deciding what to do with those you no longer need – trash or donation.
Ask Yourself – Each item needs you to ask why you are keeping it, will you ever use it again, and when was the last time you used it. How many single socks are you hanging on to hoping to one day find their mates? I love this example, because almost all of us are guilty of it. Out with the single socks!
Keep Going – Once you start your project keep your momentum going. Always start on one area and do not move on to the next until that area is done. In advance, decide how much time each day you can commit to the project and then stick to it.
Let it Go – Once you have decided something is going, remove it from the house as soon as possible. The longer it stays there more likely that you’ll land up keeping it around.
How are You Feeling – When you are giving things away where others may benefit you might feel terrific about it, or parting with the items might make you unhappy or uneasy. When you are throwing things out you might feel guilty. Feelings are natural. Acknowledge and move on.
Storage Options – There are things you are going to want to keep, and you can not put everything out that you keep or you will lose your battle to declutter. Instead invest in containers for storage, such as those Rubbermaid makes, filing cabinets, stackable bins, and whatever else you need to stay organized.
Enjoy the Benefits – Now that your home is decluttered you are ready to enjoy the benefits. Relaxation is now there for you to enjoy. No more clutter means your home becomes your sanctuary.

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