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Advantages of Android App Development

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Considering the immense popularity of Android in the recent years, Android app development is also on the rise. Many independent developers are developing thousands of Android apps each day and it seems that soon Android would surpass iOS when it comes to the number of applications developed per day.

Android is basically Linux based operating system developed by Google specifically for the mobile applications. Linux version 2.6 is used in the core system services of Android such as security, memory and process management and drivers. At the moment, this operating system is being utilized by most of the Smartphones and tablets in the market.

Good thing about Android is that it is easy to use and since it is open source, there is a great opportunity for freelancer developers. Unlike the iPhone app development, which is done is objective C, Android app development is usually done in Java, although various C/C++ libraries are utilized by various components of the Android system.

Android SDK is equipped with all the necessary tools and application interfaces required to start the Android app development in JAVA language. Good thing about providing Java language support for developers is that the app developers building apps specifically for mobiles can easily build third-party applications on Android platform. This has considerably enhanced opportunities for the independent programmers and freelance developers.

This popularity in the independent user community is one of the big reasons of the immense success of Android. Another edge that android enjoys is that, according to the latest surveys, more than 60% of the Android users are youngsters below the age of 34 years. A handsome proportion of this percentage comprises of young and aspiring Android developers.

Android based Smartphones surpassed the iPhone sales during the third quarter of 2010 and this popularity continues to increase with each passing day. Good thing about the Android market is that it is less saturated at the moment as compared to the iPhone market and hence has a lot of opportunities to offer to the developers.

Important features of Android platform include tools which are easy to handle and understand, support for WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G, and availability of integrated Google applications. Android architecture also has media support for a range of formats. The tools and SDK to develop the applications are provided by Google as well as third-party independent developers.

Google provides a comprehensive guide to ease the development of apps in Android. Due to this support from Google and the fact the Android app development can be undertaken anywhere and it’s an open source platform has contributed toward the immense success of Android. Although iPhone offers a lot of development tools, the freedom offered by Android is virtually unmatched. Almost entire matter of the source code of Android is available to the developers and they can manipulate it as they wish.

This is also a revolutionary step since before Android there isn’t any example of operating system for mobile devices where the entire code was open for manipulation by the independent developers. At present, Android is the fast growing platform of app development and at present there are more than 50,000 apps in the Android store and the number is increasing. So the future of Android app development and hence Android seems pretty bright and we could certainly expect to see more innovative aspects from Google as well as developers contributing independently. 

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