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Mobile Phone Accessories – Top Android Apps for Your Phone

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The functionality of Android smartphones with the latest accessories for mobile phones and mobile devices apps makes this a very attractive option for a wide range of consumers. The beauty of the Android market is that it is an open source platform, allowing amateurs to professional developers and apps that can improve your daily life produce.

Here are some of the highest recommended Android apps both free and paid on the Android Marketplace

Zoom Camera FX – Frequently Android smartphones are a little weak in the digital camera department. That’s why the FX Zoom Camera app is so impressive addition to Android device. With 40 unique effects, the camera is improved to almost iPhone proportions.

CoPilot Live 8 – While Google Maps is an impressive and credible option for navigation, for the cost of 23.47 CoPilot Live 8 is the complete package, with voice directions and detailed traffic information including speed camera locations for a smooth transition from A to ? B.

SportsTap – The ultimate tool for sports fans worldwide. SportsTap has combined the latest sports scores of American Football, Baseball and NASCAR to football, tennis and cricket, meaning that users have only a touch away from keeping up to date on the progress of their favorite teams, players and directors.

Aloqa – The Android application is particularly useful when you visit a new city and seek recommendations for nearby restaurants, bars and clubs or even shopping. Aloqa is a GPS-powered app, gives locations based on your general preferences and previous activities.

TripIt – An impressive route operator that pulls all of your travel plans together in one neat list. While the app is free to require a simple registration on the website of the software TripIt.com allow.

This extremely popular mobile phone accessories are just the tip of the iceberg with the Android Marketplace is undoubtedly the most comprehensive database of apps for smartphone users.

What are the top android apps find out at gizmodose

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