Meditation – A State Of Mind

Among the most common questions asked about the art and science of meditation would be “what is it?” Such a question is not always easy to answer. While meditation is a relatively simple process in concept, there are still great complexities which lie under the surface. Granted, the simple process of listening to Osho music while allowing your mind to drift into emptiness can help you gain all the valuable benefits from meditation without having to seriously ponder a roadmap for proper performance. However, you could ponder on the musings of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as this could greatly help you get the most out of your meditation sessions.

Ultimately, the answer to “What is meditation?” would be that it is a state of mind that ironically uses emptiness in though to help attain a far greater awareness of the self. Often, that which exists deep in the subconscious can be brought to the surface through quiet meditation sessions revolving around listening passively to Osho music.

There are also excellent techniques which have commonly been employed as a way of increasing the potential value gained from taking part in meditation sessions. Among the ways you can improve your sessions would be to perform deep breathing exercises or adding chants to the meditation sessions. Common chants performed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar could be weaved into the mix to enhance the value of the process such as the album a gift of silence from the sacredmusicguide website.

For those who are interested in learning the basics of effective meditation, the ancient scripture Vigyan Bhairav is a tremendous source which presents 112 techniques which can expand your ability to get a great deal out of your sessions. While the techniques presented in the scripture will not provide the definitive insight into what is meditation but it will certainly provide a great deal of food for thought in terms of what it entails. Adding Osho music to the mix can further enhance your understanding and help you gain value from it.

Ultimately, defining what meditation is would not be as important as getting all the great benefits from it.

The moment you put the mind aside, you have entered into the world of meditation. –  Osho

Be total in everything that you do or do not do. Be total — then your whole life becomes a meditation. – Osho

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