Do Affordable Drug Rehabs Exist?

Recently, I took the time from my rather busy life to sit for a while and just come in tune with all that is happening around me. As everything began to unwind in slow motion, my eyes caught the headline of a prominent TV show, which read: ”Drug Rehabs Fit For a King”. I am not much of the TV type, but this did get my attention and for the next 30 minutes I was glued to my chair utterly appalled about where drug rehabilitation has reached in the United States of America.

The presenter tried to hide his disgust at the whole matter, but like most civil, hard-working individuals, he tried really hard to show indifference to the matter. To be frank, he did not have a choice. For $ 33,000 to $ 49,000 a month you can dwell is the most comfortable ‘resort’, with an all inclusive facility to tennis courts, swimming pools and basically just about anything one considers ‘fit for a king’. What really held my attention was not so much the cost, but rather the 30 minutes of rambling about the exotic and enchanting facilities that they have to offer. Throughout their advertisement campaign, one crucial being was forgotten and watered down to a child looking for new toys-they forgot the drug addict.

One will agree that not many people can afford this luxurious rehabilitation. The fact is not many of us have been lucky enough to come from wealthy homes to have spouses and parents that will happily invest $ 18,000 per week without blinking twice. This then leaves a great majority rejected and entrusted to time to heal their addiction problem and wounds.

The exorbitant fees from most drug and alcohol facilities have resulted in a great decline in drug abusers trying to seek help. From one masquerade to the next, drug addicts have lost trust in thousands of well intended rehab facilities and what we see in our present world are thousands tossed by the street sides given to drugs, prostitution and decadence.

Where then will we find the solution that is afflicting not just America, but thousands worldwide? Will an intervention from our government both locally and internationally help to curtail and put reigns on this madness?

Anyone who has had the experience to come face to face with a crack user will know that there has to be more than just monthly maintenance rehab fees, there has to be heart. This one ingredient defines the character and essence of human existence and it is through its absence why we can sadly see headlines like ”Drug Rehabs Fit For a King”.

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