Zylascope Affiliate Opportunity


Would you like to get paid for promoting our music?

You can earn $1 (USD) for every CD album sold simply by promoting one link.

And it doesn’t cost you anything, so you’ve got nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

It’s Easy to set up, just follow these two easy steps…

How it works

    1. Sign up – it’s free
    1. Promote one link
    1. Earn $1 USD for each CD sold + 89 cents for each album download
1. Sign Up Here as an affiliate of CDBaby. This is the company that processes our orders and distributes our music. You just need to fill out a very small form to become a CDBaby affiliate. It’s free to signup. When you fill the form in…

  • You’ll get to choose a Username, write this down, you’ll need it for the next step.
  • In the ‘Reffered by’ field just type ‘Zylascope’.
  • In the ‘Website’ fields place the name and web address of your website, or just type ‘Facebook’ if you don’t have a website.

2. When you have your CDBaby affiliate username come back here and add it to the end of this link:

So if your CDBaby username was “dalerosa“, your link to the Zylascope website would look like this:

Write this down and keep it somewhere handy.

By advertising this one link, you are promoting all of our albums, and any sales made via this link will generate commissions for you.

Tip: You could use a two line ad in a status update on Facebook or in an email. Like this…

Free Electronic Music To Download…

That’s it! That’s all you need to start promoting Zylascope music and earn money. Read these extra points to help your promotions…

Promote your link everywhere.

You can place your link on Facebook by making status updates, or posting on your friends walls. You can put it on Myspace or any social networking site like Twitter or i-Tunes Ping. You can place your link in blogs and forum posts, you can send it to your frineds in an email, the possibilities are endless on the internet. Wherever you place your link remember to give a description of a few words or maybe a couple of lines. More people will click on the link if it has a small description, otherwise people wont know what the link is for and will probably keep reading.

By making the most of your social networks, you should never need to do any paid advertising. But you can do paid advertising if you really want to. It may be very profitable for you, but I recommend using free services, like Facebook, at first to try it out.

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